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Dennison ENXL headboard proves to be lifesaver

15th February 2017

At Dennison Trailers our aim is to provide the best quality service and products to our customers and customer testimonials are one of the most important pieces of feedback we receive. Even so, it is not every day that a customer credits you with saving his life.

That's exactly what happened after our new ENXL certified Dennison Trailer headboard demonstrated its remarkably tough design in an accident, taking the weight of the cargo and stopping it from slamming into the driver's cab. In another case, it held sturdy after a lorry turned upside down.

Commenting on the incidents, our Innovation Director, David Dennison, explained: "The headboard has been a standard feature of Dennison's trailers for about two years now, and the feedback is that it has added significantly to safety. In one case a trailer was involved in an accident, the trailer overturned and the trailer owner firmly believes that if it was not for the headboard, the cab would have been crushed."

The headboard safety feature is just one of a number of safety-conscious features that have been added to the design of our trailers - including measures for working at height and non-slip flooring - culminating in several pieces of media coverage commending us for the innovations.

The steel industry in the UK has also played a big part in paving the way for headboards to have strength certification. Our own ENXL certified Dennison Trailer headboard has been tested to 17 tonnes to a maximum payload of 34 tonnes. It is also certified for up to heights of 1800mm, but the most critical safety feature of the headboard is that both the cab and driver get extra protection.

As David Dennison continues: "Any rogue product that becomes loose, particularly steel tubes etc., are restrained as the tests were geared to the strength involving forward motion of product and how it could be stopped. Therefore, driver safety is increased."

Our headboards have been fully tested for their quality and endurance, and it is gratifying to know that they are doing a valuable job in protecting drivers."

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"Our deal with Dennison Trailers has been flawless from start to finish, you are really looked after from the outset and any requests we had were handled smoothly and without complication. As a customer, we have huge confidence in Dennison Trailers and their product. Before signing off on the trailers, we were brought over to see them in advance and have really enjoyed the whole buying experience. We will certainly be back for more!"

Stephen Mullen, Managing Director at Sligo Haulage & Distribution

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